The Crusade Went To Revolution Church – Canton, Georgia!

Jenn and I had the awesome opportunity to carry the crusade for financial freedom to Revolution Church in Canton, Georgia where Gary Lamb is the pastor.

It was a fantastic weekend!!!  Here is why it was AWESOME!

  • On Saturday afternoon, I was able to meet up with Executive Pastor Malcolm Young and a couple from the church who have a passion for helping others become debt free!  I was able to walk them through the financial counseling process that I have used to counsel hundreds of people.  I LOVE being able to meet and teach others who are on the crusade!
  • After the counseling training, we went out to dinner with Malcolm and his wife Amy and Chris and Carlene (sp?).  I love meeting people who are fully bought in to a ministry!
  • On Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to see a portable church in action (setting up in a movie theater).  It reminds me of the old days at NewSpring Church.
  • I was able to share my story with the church on Sunday morning during both services.  I love sharing what has happened in our life financially.  It is why I went on a crusade!
  • After the second service, we raced over to the church offices to teach the Financial Learning Experience.  Get this – I had to teach the FLE twice!!!!  The first one sold out, so I had to teach it again!
  • I taught the class two times – one at 1PM and the other at 4PM.  LIVES WERE CHANGED – No doubt about it!  That FIRES ME UP!!!!

Why did the Financial Learning Experience sell out?  Because Revolution Church had the absolute best series on finances that I have ever followed with a FLE.  Gary and Malcolm taught practical how-to type finance topics that were taught via take-home-and-do-this type teaching.  You can hear the message series by clicking HERE.  The message series is called Pirates – Reclaiming Your Lost Treasure.

Gary, Malcolm, Amy, and all of the awesome staff and volunteers of Revolution Church – you made this Financial Learning Experience AWESOME!!!  Thank you!

Interested in having Joe teach the Financial Learning Experience at your church or business?  Contact Joe HERE. 


  1. Jennifer on November 6, 2007 at 11:52 am

    Hey, we were at the 4 o’clock class and had a great time. I have been doing a lot of these things over the past few months but you got me “fired up” again. I just wanted to tell you that after you mentioned getting quotes on your auto insurance policy I decided to give it a try and call a few companies today. I SAVED $550 A YEAR! I had no idea there would be such a difference. Thanks!


  2. Chris on November 21, 2007 at 11:13 pm

    Man, it was awesome hanging out with you Saturday afternoon and hearing about your crusade. Can’t wait to hear that you’ve paid off the house. We’ll have everything but the house done right about the end of February / beginning of March, and we’re fired up about that!
    Take Care,
    ps You spelled Carlene’s name correctly. 🙂

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