The Crusade Went To …

Simpsonville, SC to teach the planning/budgeting portion of the Financial Learning Experience at Little Steps – an organization that provides support for teen parents.  Their goal is "to provide life skills and encouragement to help young parents become more self-sufficient, healthy, confident parents".

It was great to meet Little Steps' director, Mandy, the donations coordinator, Lindsey, and the many volunteers who make Little Steps successful!

It PUMPS me up to know that this organization exists to support young people going through some challenging times!

So, as part of Little Steps' effort to provide life skills, I was invited to teach about "how to plan your spending".  It went really well!

Here is what is so great about this crusade that I get to lead – LIFE CHANGE HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE TIME I TEACH THIS MATERIAL!  I KNOW that someone's world got rocked for the better and as a result, they will be equipped to win with money in a way they never thought possible!

Little Steps – Thanks for the opportunity to teach a portion of the Financial Learning Experience!

Little Steps is funded through the voluntary donations of community members.  If you are interested in supporting Little Steps, you can click here to learn how you can help!

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