The Details MATTER!

Have you ever met someone who is a non-detail person?   They focus on the big picture, pursuing one thing after another, and they accomplish great things?   For a while at least?   And then the wheels come off.   The utter inertia of all of the things they have created catch up to them, and the infrastructure is not there to support it.   The result?   A colossal failure or collapse.

It’s been described many ways:

  • Trying to keep all the plates spinning
  • Too many things on the plate
  • Juggling too many balls

It’s great to get an item started, but will it last?

Let’s get to the personal finance and small business finance application.   The details matter!

  • Someone needs to make sure the best deal is being obtained on all purchases
  • Someone needs to plan the spending every month – not just occasionally
  • Someone needs to actually pay the bills – on time
  • Someone needs to reconcile the bank account – regularly
  • Someone needs to serve the customer before, between, and after purchases – not just during the purchase

You don’t have to address the details personally, but you must KNOW that someone is responsible for the details and is equipped and able to do so in an excellent manner.

Are you ensuring that your financial details are being handled with excellence?

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  1. Jay on December 17, 2010 at 5:15 am

    So true. Sustainability is crucial in undertaking an endeavor. See great “visions” cast but no control plan.

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