The power of an invitation!

I was recently invited to guest-post on someone else's blog.

I must say that it was an honor to be trusted enough to post on the blog.

It made me stop and think about the power of an invitation.  Because someone invited me to guest-post on a blog, I was able to write a guest-post while that person was unable to post.

How does this relate to personal finances?  Simple – I want you to invite someone to learn how you are managing your money.  It is a teacher's greatest accomplishment when you see someone you have personally taught teaching others.  PAY IT FORWARD!  You have not been learning all of this information, all of these tools, and all of this practical advice to keep it to yourself!

Who should you be teaching?

  • Your children!!!
  • Your brothers and sisters!
  • Your grandchildren!
  • Your neighbors!
  • Your friends!

Any teacher will tell you that if you really want to learn a subject well, you should teach it!  You encounter questions that you have not thought about, situations that you have never considered, and you will broaden your understand of the subject.

Invite your friends over to dinner and say, "Hey, let me show you this really cool tool I have started using to manage my money."

Why not have them over on Saturday evening?

The POWER of an invitation.  You just might change a life! 

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