The Sticks Conference: May 12-13

I am PUMPED to be speaking during a breakout session of The Sticks Conference May 12 and 13 in Canton, Georgia.

Here are the reasons I am FIRED UP about (and why you should attend) The Sticks Conference:

  • Gary Lamb, Perry Noble, Tony Morgan, Greg Oraham, Charles Hill, and Ed Stetzer are speaking during the main sessions.  I can guarantee that these guys will be focused on providing PRACTICAL teaching.
  • It is being hosted by Revolution Church.  I have been to this church twice, and I read Gary Lamb's blog every day.  Why?  Because they are impacting their community in huge ways, and incredible life change is happening.  I LOVE life-changing work!
  • The Revolution Band is leading worship.  I said it HERE, I will say it again:  Their band is INCREDIBLE!  The quality of their band and sound in a pack-in, pack-out setting is the best I have ever heard.
  • It is focused on churches out in the sticks.  Truth is that most churches are out in the sticks and all of them operate on limited budgets.  This conference is focused on equipping these ministries to maximize their impact on their communities.

You can learn more about the conference and register HERE.

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