There is no substitute for direct observation!

My life has been impacted greatly through education and learning.  I remember a specific article I read from the Harvard Business Review about Toyota.  Now, in case you have not noticed, Toyota has it going on in the automotive world.  This particular article was discussing how Toyota develops its people.

There was a single line in this multi-page article that just blew me out of the water!  It just reached up and smacked me around!  I love it when I learn something!

What was the line?  It said "There is no substitute for direct observation!"  They explained that when they hire a new engineer, they would take them to the manufacturing floor and make them stand in one spot for an entire day.  Why?  Well, there is no substitute for direct observation!

Have you been there?  Have you had the person who had NO CLUE come tell you how you should be doing your job?  Isn't that annoying!!!  By ensuring that their employees are directly observing the process, Toyota helps ensure that people will know what is going on.

Have you observed what is going on with your finances lately?  What about grocery shopping?  Instead of complaining about how much is spent at the grocery store, maybe it would help for you to actually go along with your spouse for a trip or two.  There is no substitute for direct observation!

Have you participated in the budgeting of your family's finances?  Instead of wondering where all of the money is going and having NO CLUE, how about directly observing the process?

What about obtaining insurance, preparing a will, investing, eliminating debt?  If you don't get in the game, you will be that annoying know-it-all who actually knows jack crap about what is going on.  We know who you are! 

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for direct observation!

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