Think Systems. Not Silver Bullets.

My friend, Casey Graham, teaches a principle that could potentially change your life.

Think Systems. Not Silver Bullets.

Whether you realize it or not, you have probably fell into the trap of pursuing a “silver bullet” solution instead of installing a “system” that would absolutely ensure that the change you desire will happen.

Think about it.  Have you ever …

  • Got sick of being overweight and bought a pill to fix it – and did not change diet and initiate regular exercise?
  • Wanted to get in shape, and signed up for a gym membership – only to use it once or twice a year?
  • Wanted to get out of debt and after only a month or so began swiping the credit card again?
  • Wanted your child to behave and bought a book to help you –  yet stopped applying what is taught because after disciplining them for bad behavior two or three times – you stopped because it was so emotionally exhausting to continue?
  • Wanted to win with your money so you downloaded a free budget from our website – yet you did not follow the very plan you prepared?

SYSTEMS are the key to real and lasting change.  SILVER BULLETS rarely do.

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  1. Tameika on February 22, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    Convicted! Thanks for the reminder to stay focused and do the work.

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