To those who are changing entire financial future …

You PUMP me up!!!  I am excited to see the huge improvements that you are making in the management of your finances!

I am in the midst of meeting with over 40 couples over the next few weeks.  It has been awesome to meet with each individual and couple, hear their story, and be able to help them produce their first-ever budget!  It has been awesome to conduct scenario-analysis to say, "What if you did this … ?"  and "You would be 100% debt-free in 6 months if you just did this …" and "You can RETIRE!"

I have seen people with NO HOPE leave with a spring in their step and saying, "I SEE HOPE!!!"  I have seen people who have NEVER worked together on their finances sit together in my office and WORK TOGETHER to put together their spending for the next month.  I have seen people who have significant financial mountains/monsters in their life with NO PLAN for how to deal with them leave with a REALISTIC PLAN for eliminating the mountains/monsters.

Most of all, I see couples working together to achieve the plans they have for their lives!  I see couples working together to teach their children.  I see people going and teaching others that there is indeed a better way!

Way to go!  I am inspired by you all!

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