Top 10 Reasons I Love Paid-For-In-Advance Vacations

You may have wondered why there was silence on the blog for most of the past week.   It was because I was able to take my family on an incredible beach vacation!

I am overwhelmed at how blessed I really am that I am able to take such a tremendous vacation – and to do it without debt.

I just want to share a picture of my wife walking with our son along the beach early in the morning and to share a few things that I love about taking “paid-for-in-advance” vacations.

Top 10 Reasons I loved taking this “paid-for-in-advance” vacation:

  1. The beach is my bride’s favorite place to be
  2. Watching my kids play in the surf and sun
  3. Seeing an 8 foot shark, dolphins, alligators, and sting rays
  4. No bites from all animals mentioned in #3!
  5. No debt followed me home
  6. Able to totally enjoy the trip – knowing we saved for it!
  7. Total relaxation knowing that we funded a dream – and lived the dream!
  8. Able to negotiate a better deal because we had to plan early to save for this trip!
  9. I arrived home FIRED UP and CREATIVELY RENEWED!
  10. My bride is happy!

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