Top 7 Reasons It’s Hard To Balance The US Budget

Here are the Top 7 Reasons It’s Hard To Balance The US Budget:

  1. It’s hard to say “NO” to a good program  Let’s face it.  There are tons of great programs that are funded by taxpayer money.
  2. Genuine disagreement  Smart people who are extremely passionate about their work have real differences in their beliefs and ideals.
  3. Ever-changing leadership  Leadership changes every election cycle.  What was important in the last cycle may not be important during the next.
  4. Politics  Ever heard of “We” versus “They”?
  5. We can print more money  Fire up the printer, boys!  We need more $100 bills!
  6. Others aren’t – Why should I?  It’s hard to be a leader who cuts spending when other leaders are continuing to spend at high levels in their own districts.
  7. MANY AMERICANS AREN’T LIVING BY A BALANCED BUDGET THEMSELVES!  If Americans don’t live with a balanced budget, they don’t truly know the freedom that is felt when one has a plan that balances!

What additional items would you include?

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