Transfer A Balance – And Save BIG TIME!

If you are carrying a credit card balance or a furniture purchase with a typical interest rate of 14.00%, 21.99% or 27.99%, you can save an incredible amount of money by transferring your balance to a 0-percent balance transfer credit card!

Here is an example of savings that can be achieved.

Balance: $7,000 Interest: 21.99% Monthly Payment: $140

If this balance were transferred to a 0-percent balance transfer credit card with a 3-percent transfer fee, the calculations would look like the following.

This ONE MOVE could save $1,314.22 in ONE YEAR! If the balance would not have been transferred using a 0-percent balance transfer credit card, the actual balance owed would have dropped by a mere $141.47. By choosing to take just 15 minutes to fill out an on-line balance transfer application, a total principal reduction of $1,330 could be realized.

$1,314.22 saved for 15 minutes work. That’s like making $5,256.88 an hour!

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