Twitter Your Way To Saving!

I am enthralled with how Twitter has shaped my life in the past six months.  I thought it was a novelty, but it really is a powerful way to connect with people around the world!

For instance, when I was visiting Jeff Maness' church (Element Church) in Cheyenne, Wyoming, I wanted to go skiing in Colorado.  I twittered about it, and someone (Brett Crimmel – Forefront Church in Lakewood, CO) picked up my post and told me I should go to Copper Mountain.

I did.  It was AWESOME!  Twitter made it happen for me.

So (if you aren't already) check out the following Twitter Feeds and "Twitter Your Way To Saving"!

  • My feed – jsangl (HERE)  Random updates on the crusade, my life, and you are sure to receive my most recent running times.
  • Saving Freak (HERE)  Random updates on the crusade from a member of the IWBNIN Team.  This dude is truly a FREAK when it comes to saving money.
  • IWasBroke (HERE)  This is a forum where you can share how YOU have saved money recently.

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