U.S. National Debt Update – June 2012

The US National Debt has increased by $84,945,657,221 since our last update on April 22, 2012.  Another month, and the United States has dropped another cool $85 billion in the hole.

National Debt as of 6/5/2012


That is an increase of $1.93 BILLION PER DAY since our last update 44 days ago.

Although the rate of debt acquisition has slowed, the credit card apparently still has some room left before we hit the limit …

I’m doing something about this issue. I’m wondering how many others are willing to do their part.

What are YOUR suggestions for addressing this?

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  1. ruth on June 15, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Can the gov use the tax revenue from the lotteries to help with the debt?

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