Update on High School/College Money Book

I am pleased to say that the high school money book is roaring along!  I am really excited about this new resource that the I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. team will have to offer to young people as they are preparing to enter the "real world".

Whenever I am writing, I like to ask myself this question:

"What do I want to accomplish with this book?"

Here is what I hope to accomplish with this book:

  • Teach young people the financial principles and tools I wish I had known before I hit the real world
  • Provide a resource that helps PREVENT financial mistakes instead of attempting to CURE them later

There will be a group study resource that will be released with the book as well.  I can't wait to see entire groups of young people study finances together and commit to manage their money to the absolute best of their ability.

That may sound like a complete nerd session to you, but it is my hope that this material captures the heart of every single youth that reads it.  And it is my hope that they are challenged to answer the question, "Is this the absolute best use of this money?", every single time they are faced with a spending/saving/giving decision.

I appreciate all of the feedback that the readers have provided too!  If you have not sent in your thoughts, you might enjoy reading the "High School Money Book" series.

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