UPDATE: The Snake Who Ate Christmas

The fabulous sketch art of "The Snake Who Ate Christmas" is only available for bidding on Ebay through Tuesday night, September 25.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a "one-of-a-kind-PRAISE GOD!" art piece.  You can place your bid HERE.


There have been some GREAT questions asked via Ebay about the snake.  Some of these questions include:

Question:  Can you get this sprinkled with holy water?

Answer:  I can certainly sprinkle it with water if the user requests it, but holy water is not included.


  1. Will this paper have the same effect on the winner's financial health as say a prayer handkerchief would have on the physical health of a sick person?
  2. Can I use a credit card to purchase this piece of healing art?


  1. Absolutely not. But it may cause one to laugh hysterically or smile without ceasing.
  2. Use whatever form of payment you have available – as long as it was included in the EZ Budget!!!

Question:  If that is an antelope as your website says, why does it have a beak and chicken feet?

Answer:  It is a rare variety of three-toed antelope found only in debt-free areas of Congo.


If you missed the story about the inspiration behind "The Snake Who Ate Christmas", you can read that HERE.

Again, all proceeds benefit NewSpring's GameTime.

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