What are you holding on to?

As I was driving in to crusade this morning, I observed a squirrel standing in the road.  He seemed to notice the oncoming vehicle, but was weighed down by a walnut that he was carrying.

As my truck bore down on him, he seemed to be working with all of his might to get off of the road to safety, but he kept his grips tightly onto the nut.

I applied my brakes and swung out wide to avoid him.   The squirrel got off of the road safely with his nut.

My thoughts on this?  I see people like this all of the time.  They are holding on to something that is slowing them way down financially, but they just won't let go of it.  Unfortunately, many creditors and financiers do not swerve and apply their brakes to protect them.

The end result?  They lose their financial freedom while trying to hold on to the very thing that is weighing them down.  Things like the car with the huge car payment, the huge house that has way to much payment, the student loan that is way too big, the furniture payment, the boat payment, or the college payment for our children.  The list can go on and on.

What is it that you are holding on to?  Get rid of the expenses and you will find liberty that you only dreamed of. 


  1. Jon Smock on April 3, 2007 at 12:54 pm

    True dat. So much of good finances is living within your means. I did have a question about the way too big student loan, though. I guess I just don’t understand the context. I don’t think you’re telling someone not to go to college, are you? Or, are you saying go to the state school instead of Yale? Or, does this actually apply to the person who has accumulated the debt and is out of school, and how can you get around that kind of debt?

  2. Vanessa on April 4, 2007 at 8:07 am

    Years ago I had a similar experience with a squirrel and thought how we are like this with sin…we cling to it even if it might kill us. Our desire for the “nut” is greater than our desire for anything else, even our own life.

  3. jane muir on April 4, 2007 at 8:07 am

    Jon, in my opinion, there are more options than a 4 year degree.. AND… what about getting your 4 year degree in 8 years, and working while in school?!? I have seen to many people go to school for 4-6 years, and not make any more money than if they had gone to trade school for 2 years… pick your school and major wisely!

    AND… if God has called you to be a waiter, retail person, lawn mover, gas attendant (many of the people oriented fields…) than DON’T go to school and have more dept than you will be able to pay back!

    Don’t get me wrong… education is great, but not ALL people are called to pour all that money into a 4 year degree! Someone has to be willing to fix cars, swing hammers and pick up the trash. Not everyone can be a doctor, lawyer and such.

    Look at Perry…. he didn’t spend all that money on a degree, and he is TOTALLY in God’s will!

    Sorry for the long post!

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