What are you known for?

If you have a plan for your finances and you follow that plan, you will have a great chance of becoming wealthy. Wealth generally amplifies who we really are.

I want to be known for my passion for helping people accomplish more than they ever thought possible. I want to help equip them with tools that alter their future for the good. I want them to be able to focus on their life’s passion instead of how to pay the house payment this month. It is time that Americans are taught the long-lost truths of saving, budgeting, having a plan, saying “NO!” for a little while, invoking parental control, spending less than is earned, and giving. If we are not following these truths, will our children? Will our government?

Is this blog helping me develop into who I am made to be? I think so, but it certainly is not enough. My entire life must represent the values I am seeking to teach.

It has been said that you can look at a person’s checkbook and day planner, and you will know who they are and what they value. What a challenge! Try it out. Do you like the results? Remember, wealth will only amplify who you really are.

Will you like the rich version of you?

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  1. Chris Marsden on February 14, 2006 at 1:45 pm

    What a great thought! So often we think that if only we had more money we could be better people. But we look at movie stars and sports celebrities and see that more money just creates exagerated versions of their problems before they had money. Thanks for your insights.

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