What Are You Thinking?

The more I serve people across this nation, the more apparent it is to me that what you think is just as important as what you do.

In fact, I believe this statement to be true:

“Who or what you think will ultimately determine what you do.”

I meet people all of the time who say, “That is just impossible for me.”  The end results indicate the truth of their statement. One might say, “I can never make enough money to pay my bills.”  They end up struggling to pay their bills all of the time.
The statements lead to a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

At other times, I meet people with very similar circumstances who say, “With the Lord’s help, this can happen.”  The results usually are positive!  What you believe, think, and say will absolutely impact the outcomes in your life.

ACTION:  Take today’s thoughts and write them down.  Are these thoughts helping you move toward your desired outcome?  Resolve to make it so!

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  1. Consie on September 7, 2011 at 11:02 am

    We were stuck… until we had a working budget. 🙂
    I was SO excited to see us making progress every month!

    Then, as life goes… things change, but I was using the SAME budget and stuck again. By stuck, I mean, always ending up with less than we needed. I was SO discouraged!
    SO, I did the hard thing. I “changed” the budget. It WAS a state of mind… I WANTED the OLD budget to work, but it didn’t matter what I WANTED. It’s God’s money… I’m honored with His blessing, but I wasn’t managing it well. His plan doesn’t always look the way we want it to, but I’m confident that His plan is ALWAYS right.
    I just wish I’d had the mind set, that I’d be “ready to change” my budget when change was needed. I saw it work the first time! And now I see it working again.
    What’s my progress? I’d say it’s ANY amount more than the minimum… AND (Mr. Sangl you are SO RIGHT) a positive mind set.

    Thank you so much for working so hard, to help people like me!

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