What do you want?

I believe that everyone has wants that they “want” to buy. It is our nature to “want” things. For some, it is the latest technology gadget. For me, it is a boat. For others, it is a new piece of furniture. For still others, it is cosmetic surgery. There are others: greenhouse, seed germination kit, new car, new house, curtains, sprinkler system, books, art, computer, software, dishes, china cabinet (why?), fishing tackle, hunting equipment, jewelry, land, cows, horses, rabbits, roses (2/14 is on its way!), chocolate, motorcycle, a weekly pedicure, 4-wheeler, plasma HDTV, digital camera, clothing, video games, hot tub, in-ground pool, snow blower, and entire country, a castle, … And the list goes on … and on … and on …

If you could buy whatever you wanted, when would you run out of “wants”? Does the list ever stop? A key thing for Jenn and I was to realize that the list of “wants” would NEVER run out. When we thought of our “wants” that way, it helped us flick the “NO!” switch much more easily. When you are able to tell yourself “NO!” more often, you will be better able to utilize your money to free yourself from debt.

Here is the amazing thing. You tell yourself “NO!” so that you can become free of debt, but once you achieve that freedom, you find out that many of your “wants” have went away. Do you know how much more power over purchase you feel when you are going to spend your own money? It is awesome! I strongly recommend it!

So what do you want more? Freedom from debt, or that next item on your “want” list?

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