Who Joseph Sangl is learning from …

Dave Ramsey – 7 Baby Steps to Financial Peace – Never seen any better method! 

Robert Kiyosaki – Cash Flow Quadrant – ESIB – The letters are so cool!

John Eldredge – Wild At Heart – Psychological analysis of men

God – He is absolutely in control!

Perry Noble – My pastor is the greatest pastor in the world!

Mike Yoder – Acts 2:42 will never be read again without thinking of Mike

Paul Marshall – Hero of mine

David Chilton – Compound interest became my friend at age 12

David Jolley – Wow – Huge help in a crunch! 

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  1. Jeremy on February 23, 2007 at 6:49 pm

    I didn’t realize that you’re part of NewSpring. I love Perry’s messages. And Paul Marshall helped me out with my finances even though I’m not a member there.

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