Why My Bride Is Vital To Wise Financial Decisions

My bride is amazing.  She helps me make outstanding financial decisions.

Here are some key ways that she helps me when making financial decisions:

  • She asks questions
  • She seeks to understand my point of view
  • She listens
  • She has the ability to see through situations in a way I can't
  • She demands to see the numbers and challenges every assumption
  • She looks beyond the numbers and sees how the decisions affects non-financial aspects of our life
  • She balances my risk-taking behavior with her risk-averse nature
  • She is willing to discuss everything – and we are on the same team with shared interests – this means that we are working together to address financial challenges and fund our dreams
  • She always has my back

I call my bride my "chief business counsel".  If you ever hear me say, "I need to consult with my business counsel", I am really referring to my bride – not a legal team.

Without my bride, I would still be broke and would have been the key subject matter of the book, "How To Be B-R-O-K-E".

Do you involve your spouse in your financial decisions?

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  1. Kris on September 21, 2009 at 5:26 am

    Joe – this story truly hit a “homerun” for me!

    I grew up in a household where my dad used to joke that he rarely has any money in his pockets or his wallet, because mom handled all the financial issues and cash flow. He now jokes he has his own credit card, but cash is still “hard to come by…”

    What it actually means is my parents were very responsible with money and my dad knew enough to not get deeply involved, but remained in touch enough to always know his financial position! he was smart enough to let my mom deal with the day-to day decisions as far as money was concerned, but he was not ignorant about it.

    I just got married and my fiancee and I have been living together for almost three years. Since both of us are in Accounting, we always have been level headed with money and contrary to our government are not following the path of spending more with less!
    “Cash is King” and our lives have changed accordingly. Spending habits change, we saved up and paid our wedding in full before hand and just 10 days after a fantastic event in Aspen, CO I can report that we spent less than anticipated and are in the clear!

    Working together, being informed about your financial situation and making decisions based on common sense and the amount in your checking account (instead of using the credit limit on your credit card) is essential and will serve you well for the rest of your life! Financial freedom, or at least being independent to a degree will take pressure off your relationship and you can concentrate on other aspects of your life and actually enjoy your time together!

    The key is to know when you can “splurge a bit” and when you have to say “NO!”

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