Write Down Your 2011 Goals!

Have you taken time to write down your goals for 2011 yet?   I have learned a basic truth in my life:

When I write down a goal, it is MUCH more likely to be achieved.

Perhaps you have discovered the same thing in your life?

Here are some tips to writing your goals for next year:

  • Review 2010
    • What should KEEP happening?
    • What should be done MORE?
    • What should you STOP doing?
  • Consider the longer term – 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now
  • Establish goals in the following areas:
    • Physical Health
    • Spiritual Health
    • Emotional Health
    • Family
    • Marriage
    • Financial
    • Career/Business
    • Fun

Share one or two of your goals with all of us – write them in the comments!

I’ll start:

  • Run the Indy 500 Half-Marathon again (13.1 miles – my fourth time)
  • Take my bride on a vacation that includes:
    • no children
    • sun
    • ocean
    • no Blackberry
    • no computer

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