You Are Invited To A LIVE On-Line Event: “How To Stick To Your Christmas Budget”

“How To Stick To Your Christmas Budget”

A LIVE On-Line Event

Have you ever been guilty of overspending during the Christmas season? I’m not talking about going a little bit over budget. I mean really blowing it. I know I have! It was so much fun to give the presents to everyone, but then VISA would send me a nice little present in January wanting all of their money back (or make an offer where I could pay minimum payments for 51 years at 19.99% interest).

Can I get a witness?!?!

At the end of each year, it seems like two or three other large expenses show up that need to be paid as well. If one is not careful, the entire first quarter of the new year can be spent focused on cleaning up the financial mess!

I’ll never forget the first Christmas I paid 100-percent cash for everything. It was December 2003, and it was amazing. I’m blessed to be able to say that I’ve never financed another present since.

I want the same for you! That’s why I’ve decided to offer a special “one time only” LIVE ON-LINE event on Thursday, November 21st titled “How To Stick To Your Christmas Budget.”

Here are some key items I will be sharing:

  • A fail-proof way to ensure you stick to your Christmas Budget!
  • A free financial tool that can help you
  • Christmas season savings tips
  • Another ANNOUNCEMENT about IWBNIN! (I can’t wait to share this one with you!!!)

Start your season of giving off right and join us for this special event. Here are the details:

  • DATE  Thursday, November 21, 2013
  • TIME  7:00 PM Eastern Time (6:00 PM Central; 5:00 PM Mountain; 4:00 PM Pacific)
  • DURATION  60 minutes total (40 minutes teaching – 20 minutes Q&A)
  • REGISTER  Fill out the form below or copy & paste this link in your favorite browser to sign up:

If you (or someone you know) always seem to struggle with sticking to the budget during the Christmas season, this could be a life-altering event! We hope we will see YOU live on-line on Thursday, November 21st!

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