You Can Win With Money!

This post is for everyone who is struggling with money woes.

You CAN win with money! Even if the bills are piling up, and it seems impossible for you to ever make it back to “break-even,” let alone prospering.

If you make right decisions now, your current financial situation will be ancient history two years from now. Don’t let your current financial situation dictate your dreams to you. Instead, let your dreams guide your financial decisions!

No one wants to make tough choices like selling a vehicle, changing housing situations to lower the rent or a mortgage, cutting cable, or telling our children that they can’t participate in an activity they love. It’s awful and dreadful.

But I will tell you that it is worth it!

It was on December 2, 2002 that I made a decision to change my financial life.

  1. It required difficult decisions. We made them.
  2. It required budgeting. We broke out the calculator.
  3. It required giving up some personal dreams. We did so with sadness.
  4. It made us weird. Many of our friends and family thought we had lost our minds.

You can win with money. In fact, I believe YOU are just one or two major financial decisions away from turning your entire financial life around! You probably already know the decisions you need to make. I encourage you to make them.

It. Is. So. WORTH. IT!!!!

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  1. Bill on January 17, 2013 at 11:14 am

    This is very timely inspiration. My wife and I held a budget summit just yesterday. It was stressful to take a hard deliberate look at our financial situation, but at the same time very reassuring and hopeful to get a handle on it and make a plan. We have some of those hard decisions to make but we are together on them. Even the thought of turning off the cable and partnering on Saturdays to clean house and having occasional date nights at burger king have a strange optimistic appeal to them. Like taking control; “putting some skin in the game”. The longer I think about it, the more cost cutting ideas I get. Thanks again

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