You Can’t Help The Poor

I recently heard a person make the following statement:

“You can’t help the poor – if you’re one of them!”

WOW!   Think about it for a few moments, and you will realize that this is a powerful statement.

It is very difficult to help others when you are broke!   When one is poor, most of their time and effort is consumed with providing for basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and utilities.   It becomes extremely difficult to be able to help those around you who are in need in a financial manner.   Guess what?   Nearly all help rolls back to financial help.

  • Want to provide food/clothing/shelter to the poor?   That usually takes money.
  • Want to provide education to the poor?   That usually takes money.
  • Want to provide health care, medical, and dental services to the poor?   That usually takes money.
  • Want to educate the well-off about the plight of the poor?   That usually takes money.
  • Want to serve the poor?   That usually takes time and money.

Are you in position RIGHT NOW to help the poor?

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  1. Zack Clinard on December 8, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Can’t say I agree with you here… because if the statement is True, then it sounds as if poor people should wait around until someone with money gives them some!
    What do poor people Have that can be put to use for others?
    Want to help someone poor get to a job interview, then drive them!
    If I have arthritis and can no longer type to write articles, or program a computer, or perform small engine repair, then maybe I can teach another poor person to do this.
    Or maybe while at home I watch my neighbor’s kids on their first days back to work.
    We can ALL help where we are.
    [see Romans 12:4-8 for clarification.]
    Time and money are not the cost of life, sometimes it is simply putting forth effort.

  2. Patrick Hubbard on December 8, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    I will have to disagree with this post. I lead a ministry planting churches among the global poor and my experience is the opposite. First, I see the desperately poor daily giving sacrificialy of their time, talent, and treasure. Second, your argument assumes that the primary issue of poverty is a lack of material goods; when in reality the biggest issue is broken relationships and their results. Third, while very wealthy in comparison to the world, very few Americans consider themselves as wealthy and routinely use your argument to justify turning a blind eye to the suffering of billions of people. The reality is that we are called to live simply in order that we can invest generously in the Kingdom of God. We often feel that we can’t afford to help the poor because we choose not to live simple lives, but rather seek to live the American Dream

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