You Can’t Set Money Apart From Your Heart

“You can’t set money APART from your HEART.”

It is a biblical principle: Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

It is a fundamental rule of money.

Where ever you have spent, given, or invested money, you will be interested in it.

  • If you have placed money into a particular company stock, you will suddenly become very interested in that company. You will check the stock price, follow news about the company, and tell your friends and family to buy their products.
  • When you purchase a home, you will treat it as an owner. When something breaks, you will fix it. You will spend money to decorate it. The lawn will be kept up.
  • If you’ve started up a small business or have seen a friend start one, you are fully aware of how much time and energy they place into getting the business off of the ground.

The opposite is also true! You will spend money on people and things you love. Money will just flow to them.

  • I spend money on my bride and my children because I love them.
  • I spend money on deer hunting because I’m passionate about it.
  • I give money to my church because I love Jesus and my church helps people

In other words, show me your bank statement, and I will be able to tell you what is important to you.

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