You have 15 minutes left …

15 minutes left to live.

After all of the living that has been, you have 15 minutes to live.

How will you spend these 15 minutes?

With Family & Friends.  That is what I would choose.

Has your financial situation messed up your personal relationships with friends and family?  Has it messed up these relationships to the point that you could not spend the final 15 minutes of your life with them?

Why would anyone ALLOW money to control their personal relationships?   I refuse to allow portraits of presidents and important figures of American history to control my personal relationships.  I value my personal relationships too much.

If someone has stuck you with the bill, forgive them.

If someone owes you money and refuses to pay, consider it a gift.

If you were ripped off, let it go.

The day will come when you have 15 minutes left.  Who will you spend it with?   Just let it go.


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