10 Reasons I Promote Debt Freedom

Here are ten reasons that I promote debt freedom …

  1. I can give more away
  2. Debt means that I have already spent some of tomorrow's income
  3. Lenders control the terms of debt which means that they have the potential to control me
  4. Cash-paid-for-in-advance vacations are AWESOME!
  5. I can invest more
  6. Less stress!
  7. My wife is happier when there is no financial stress
  8. Bill paying time is reduced by 90%
  9. Paying cash instead of using debt means that I have to wait to make a purchase.  The waiting process helps me process the decision much more thoroughly and has made me a much wiser consumer.
  10. I need to earn less to maintain the same lifestyle.

What others would you add?

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  1. Nanch Lamar on December 15, 2008 at 8:24 am

    Over all, being free of debt is a better quality of life. You have the freedom to make choices about your life that otherwise you can’t make.

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