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Another New Tool: The Mortgage Payment Calculator proudly announces another tool – The Mortgage Payment Calculator!

Considering paying off your mortgage early?  Put in the information, and you will know how much your principal and interest payment needs to be to pay it off!

Considering purchasing a house?  Put in the information, and you will know what the principal and interest payment will be!

To access this tool, click on "TOOLS" at the top of this page OR click HERE!

Happy calculating! 

Another New Tool: The Investment Value Calculator announces another tool to help you on your path to financial freedom!

It is "The Investment Value Calculator".

As you can see below, it could not be any easier!  Type in an "Annual Rate of Return", "Time Period", "Current Value", and "Monthly Contribution", and it will provide you with the "Investment Value"!  Even better, it will also return a snapshot of the value of such an investment in 5 year increments!

You can access this new tool by clicking the "TOOLS" link at the top of the page or by clicking HERE!

Happy calculating!!! 

Money Saving Ideas

So I met with my friend Paul Moyer for lunch on Tuesday.  I thought I was a maniac when it comes to saving money, but Paul is an absolute FREAK!

He showed up with a printed list of money saving ideas and explained each one in great detail throughout lunch.  I will share the ideas with you, but I am going to share my favorite one first – CHANGE HUNTING.

Apparently, Paul walks around looking at the ground.  Swings, merry-go-rounds, cashier's Read More