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Church/Business Leaders

This is a first for me, so here goes …

On August 16, I want to have a roundtable discussion about teaching people about personal finances.

It looks like I will complete counseling for over 450 people for this year, and that pumps me up!  However, I am confident that I need to learn more!!!

So here's the deal, August 16th at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC, this roundtable will take place.  I can accommodate up to ten people who are church/business leaders and are passionate about helping others with their personal finances.


10:00AM  Walkthrough of the process I am using to teach people about personal finances

12:00PM  Sit it on one session of the Financial Freedom Class (lunch provided)

1:30PM  Open Discussion

3:00PM  Meeting over

To throw your name into the hat, contact me HERE.  In the contact form, please tell me your name, your position, and why you are interested in participating.

I'm looking forward to it!!!

Looking for additional Personal Finance Resources?  You can obtain free tools by clicking HERE and purchase books/materials by clicking HERE.

What should I do with my car? Part THREE

It has been fun hearing everyone's thoughts about what Jenn and I should do about our 10 year old car that has been failing routinely and helping my mechanic friends achieve financial freedom!

I do want to remind everyone that I did try to replace my car, but the deal fell through!

So with all of the problems, all of the frustrations of the old Purdue car, we have decided to replace her.

She was replaced last Tuesday with a SUV that is able to run over the old car without the driver even noticing.

God gave us an incredible deal!

So the saga of the old car is over.  She is replaced.

And, yes, Steve_Sr1 (see his comment below that post), I will be changing the oil routinely and checking the oil regularly.  Thanks for the reminder!

Should I replace my car? – PART TWO!!!

WOW!  What a tremendous response to my post about my MOM telling me via the blog to REPLACE THE CAR!!!

There was a multitude of well-thought out responses that have me thinking …

Here are some of my thoughts about the responses:

  • "Steve_Sr1" cracked me up when he said that I should have listened to my dad about checking the oil occasionally – He's right!
  • "Indiana Pal" knows WAY TOO MUCH about me – he brought out a reference to a 1981 Datsun B210 that I used to drive
  • "Joe D." needs to understand that I will pay cash for a car – car payments – did he say CAR PAYMENTS?  May my voice never utter the words CAR PAYMENT ever!!
  • "Julie Brown", "Rich Brott", "Moneymonk", and "Paul Moyer" all just flat-out agreed with Mom.
  • "Mark Asbell" and "Chip" offered excellent responses that indicates that they may have encountered this situation before.
  • "Just Me" needs someone to help her out with her car!

The amount of responses to this topic really have made me think a lot about this.  There are so many people who have to deal with making the two key decisions when it comes to their car:

1.  Should we replace the car?


2.  If we decide to get rid of the car, what should we replace the car with?

Tell me some of your stories about how you made these decisions in the past, and I will post a consolidated group of those stories to help us all make a more informed decision.

PS:  The Sangl's HAVE made a decision and HAVE TAKEN ACTION in regards to the car situation.  Details to follow … Smile