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Free Coupons For Groceries

For those of you who are saving money on groceries by using COUPONS (if you are not – you should be!), provides FREE COUPONS HERE.

I have been saving anywhere from 35% – 85% off of my grocery bill by using coupons.  It is AMAZING, and it is helping my family be able to save money as we prepare to welcome Baby Sangl to the world in early February.  It is possible that my grocery bill will not change as we add another member to the family – I am so PUMPED!

There are still tickets available for the I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. Book Signing/Seminar in Anderson, SC.  It is one week from today.  Each ticket purchase will receive a signed copy of I Was Broke. Now I'm Not., seminar materials, PLUS will learn how to save money on groceries and nearly everything you buy – topics will include insurance, travel, groceries, restaurants, home and cell phone service, shopping, and more!  You can purchase tickets HERE.

Resisting The Urge

I have met a lot of people who have taken steps to improve their finances in an incredible way, and then they fall victim to "the urge".  What is "the urge"?  It takes shape in various forms.  Here are a few …

  • I have put off fun too long.  I deserve to have some fun.  It is OK to take a vacation and pay for it with our credit card.
  • That [insert item here] is AWESOME!  I want it.  No, I don't want it.  I need it!  It is OK to use my emergency fund for this purchase.
  • I am tired of telling my kids, "NO!"  It will be OK to give in just this once and buy the item using some of our savings for the future.
  • The roof is leaking!  I don't want to live in a dump anymore.  I am going to move out of here, and I don't care how much it costs.  Who cares if I do not have a down payment or the income to support a larger mortgage payment.

In each case, there is a conscious choice to disregard logical and rational thinking, and we jump into the soup – regardless of the potential future cost.

Here are the top ways I have been able to resist the urge (remember that I am a spender – I definitely experience "the urge")

  • We build some "fun" into the budget every single month.  We also save every single month for our known, upcoming, non-monthly expenses like vacation and Christmas.
  • Jenn and I each receive spending money every month that we are not accountable to the other for how it is spent.  This allows us to give in to some of "the urge" without destroying the family finances.
  • We make it a point to talk to our daughter about "why" we are saving money and putting off some purchases.  She knows that Baby Sangl is going to cost us a lot of money in healthcare costs.  She also knows that we are against all debt on non-appreciating assets (we don't like that type of debt much either).  It reduces the quantity of "I want that!" statements from her too!
  • We save for the known upcoming expenses of home repairs.  Most homes are not dumps, they just break down like everything else.  By saving for some of them, we get to see progress.

Any that you would add?

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BOOK: Leadership Lessons From THE BOOK – William Bliss

I am PASSIONATE about helping people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.

What many of you may not know is that IWBNIN has started a fledgling book publishing company.  I love helping passionate people accomplish their dream of having their book published.

With that news, I would like to CONGRATULATE William G Bliss [Bill] on the upcoming release of his new book, Leadership Lessons From THE BOOK – Applying Biblical Lessons For Today’s Leaders.

Bill has provided executive leadership consulting services for over 25 years and is passionate about connecting biblical principles with practical application.

Personally, I was challenged by this book and was inspired and equipped to apply these principles to my business.  If you are a leader, I recommend you purchase a copy today (FREE SHIPPING through 10/1/2009).

Below is a small sampling of the praise for Leadership Lessons From THE BOOK:

“Bill has drawn on years of effective leadership consulting to produce a book full of rich biblical insights coupled with practical tools and suggestions so you can implement what you learn. Clearly written by someone who knows what he’s talking about.”

— Richard Blackaby, PhD, President of Blackaby Ministries International

“Bill is a very accomplished business leader who has studied these topics extensively. He does continual research and the presentation of his years of work and research are worth reading! The topics are as old as creation itself but his fresh approach is a treasure you will want to uncover.”

— Dave Rae, Chief Operating Officer of Crown Financial Ministries

“As a leader, I discovered the Bible as the best manual for business, leadership, family, and life. Bill’s insights are so unique because as a Leadership Coach he has seen it all first hand: the potential, pressure, and complexity of leadership – and the joy of studying the Bible. Bill’s book offers a truly inspiring and practical perspective. It will be one of those which I pick up again and again in order to improve my effectiveness.”

— Daniel Hoster, Managing Director of Deutsche Bank AG

Baby Sangl Savings Spectacular –

Back in June, we announced the unbelievable miracle of a second child that God has sent our way (HERE).

Since Baby Sangl is a Known, Upcoming Expense, we immediately began to evaluate our known, upcoming expense fund and reassigning money to the Baby Sangl Fund.

We REFUSE to use debt to pay the enormous hospital bills.  We have been given a 7.5 month warning of Baby Sangl's arrival.  We know that it will take a few more months after he/she arrives for the bills to arrive.

I am pleased to say that we are 38% of the way to our savings goal!  The Christmas Fund and few other funds have taken a hit, but that is OK!

The Baby Sangl Savings Spectacular will appear on this blog shortly.

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