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SERIES: Build The Wall – Part 1 – What is the wall?

I am PUMPED about this new series on – “Build The Wall”!   I truly believe that if people will do this, it has the potential to completely change their lives!

Build The Wall – Part 1 What is the wall?

The WALL represents SAVINGS.   It is a wall built between you and the things that life will throw at you.

Look at the picture below.   The WALL provides protection from the things that we KNOW that life will throw at us!


If you do not have a wall of savings built up, things look like the below picture.   Can you say “impending disaster”?!?!


Think about it.   If you have no savings, you CAN NOT PROSPER!   You will always be in a position where you will have to turn to debt.   The car will break down.   The refrigerator and stove will stop working.   With a 100-percent mortality rate in American, someone will get sick.   A job layoff could happen tomorrow.   History has shown us that more than one unplanned baby has shown up on the scene!   Eventually, your roof will leak.

If you already have a wall, it is time for an inspection to ensure that it is built high enough!

If you do not have a wall, TODAY is the day for you to begin building it!   Not tomorrow – TODAY!

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