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Countdown to 200,000 miles – 7,748 to go! Uh Oh Edition

I’ve started the countdown for my clunker (AKA The Green Hornet) to reach 200,000 miles traveled.   You can see a picture of this beautiful piece of work HERE.



In this series, I will be sharing some of my favorite features of The Green Hornet as well some favorite moments.

The Uh Oh Moment
I was driving home from the crusade at NewSpring Church and as I passed the beautiful funeral home on the left, my truck decided to stop running.   I said, “Uh Oh”, and quickly steered the truck into the parking lot of the funeral home – not an easy task when the power steering is not powered – and discovered an AMAZING fact:   trucks run better when they have fuel in their tanks!

The Green Hornet was out of gas!   How was this possible?   Well, the gas gauge is broken.   It stays buried right at “E” all of time.   This means that in order for me to track when to fill up the tank again, I have to reset the “trip meter”.

My bride had to drop what she was doing to come rescue me with the lawnmower gas.

I’m so grateful that I did not veer into the funeral home into the line-up to head to the graveyard!

By the way, this “Uh Oh” Moment has not happened just once …

ALSO:   I’m driving 689 miles one way in The Green Hornet today.   Get FIRED UP!

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