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5 Things Money Can Not Buy

We all know that money can’t buy us everything. It can’t buy love, true happiness, or ensure a stress-free life.

Here is a list of five (frustrating, humorous, maddening) things I’ve discovered money can not purchase.

5 Things Money Can Not Buy

  1. A toilet that will never stop up, overflow, or leak. It will leak, hiss, or overflow at TERRIBLE times (which is pretty much any time a toilet messes up)
  2. Rain. I’ve lived in South Carolina for most of the past 15 years. Our local lake (reservoir) has ALWAYS been in some level of drought condition. Money couldn’t buy rain. Of course, this summer we’ve hardly had a day without rain and the reservoir is bursting at the seams.
  3. Children who obey perfectly.  Turns out that a 3 year old will be a 3 year old whether or not you have money. Can I get an “Amen” from some parents?!?!?
  4. A car that won’t break down. I’ve had nice cars, and I’ve driven scary bad cars. Like 1981 Datsun B-210 bad. I’ve discovered ALL of them break down. One of my vehicles just started to have a “brake squeal.”
  5. Print cartridges that never run out. My print cartridge arrives at empty with impeccable timing – right when we must have it to finish the seven hour assignment from the teacher who believes a bridge built out of toothpicks somehow equals practical real world experience.

Any other frustrating, humorous, or maddening things you can think of that money can not buy? Please share!

Maybe This Is Your Financial Miracle

“Stop it.”

Maybe that is the financial miracle that you need.

Not another book or another seminar.

Not more income or a better job.

Not for your spouse to magically change their financial behavior.

Maybe the financial miracle you are praying for begins by applying these two words: “Stop it.”

NOTE: Variants of these words can also be used: “NO!”, “Not now!”, “Wait.”, or “Some day.” are viable options.

The Major Announcement

We made history last night! It was the largest on-line event I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. has ever hosted! Even more, I was able to finally share our MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT. I announced that we are taking steps toward one of my biggest life dreams: start a university. We’re starting with a training program we call the “I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Core Coaching Program” – an exclusive 12 month money coaching program.

Core_logo 350 px

This literally changes everything. You see, hundreds and hundreds of you graciously participated in our “money survey” last spring. As we reviewed your feedback, we were blown away at the incredible challenges people are facing. We saw that people struggle with even writing down their dreams. Tons of people told us that they struggle with investing. Many others are encountering the task of teaching their children about money, but have no idea where to start. Still more don’t know how to engage their spouse in making sound money decisions. Many more didn’t really know where to begin their financial journey and desired a “roadmap” to financial freedom.

As I saw the data pour in, it became clear that our team had to get to work to develop resources to address these issues. Over the past several months, we have went to great lengths (and costs) to find a way to help people transform their financial future. I believe we have come up with something really special.

While you may want to jump in right now, I want you to understand some key requirements:

  1. You must be willing to be challenged in the way you view money
  2. You must be fired up about taking your finances to another level
  3. We need you to provide feedback on how we can improve the program
  4. You will need to have access to the Internet to participate – all of our teaching will be delivered on-line

If you want to be one of the very first graduates of the IWBNIN Core Coaching Program, CLICK HERE to learn more, purchase your spot, and get started.

PLEASE NOTE: We ran out of the initial 100 spots within 30 minutes of the live event last night. We’re so overwhelmed at this response! In an attempt to accommodate more participants, I have taken steps to assign the personnel necessary to open up 100 more spots. Since we are sending this opportunity to 31,556 people, we expect these spots to go VERY QUICKLY so please accept my apologies if you experience a “Core Coaching Program has reached FULL CAPACITY” situation.

Should You Fire Yourself?

If you looked at your financial decisions and management from the viewpoint of a “third party” – what would you say about the manager?

  1. Are your decisions yielding a profit (money given, saved, and invested)?
  2. Maybe you are operating a “non-profit” – where you are making it from month-to-month, but nothing is left over to give, save, or invest., OR
  3. Perhaps you are where I used to be, operating “at a loss” – where you are spending more than you make and feel stuck financially

I realized in December 2002 that “Me, Incorporated” needed to change leadership because I was doing a terrible job. I had to do something that was quite challenging to do: I fired myself.

It was the greatest financial decision I have ever made. In my place, I rehired “a new and improved CEO” Joseph Sangl to lead Me, Inc. This new leader was vastly different from previous management. Here are some key differences this new leadership provided:

  • The new leader was well-read in all things finances (I read TONS of financial books)
  • The new leader was willing to involve his spouse in all financial decision
  • The new leader was willing to prepare a budget every single month AND (Gasp!) stick to it!
  • The new leader was focused on yielding a profit (to give away, save, and invest)

Firing myself was one of the greatest financial decisions I’ve ever made. Do you need to fire yourself? Share your answer in the poll below. Once you’ve voted, you’ll be able to see how others have responded!

Budgeting or Dreaming: Which is More Important to Financial Success?

Which of the following do you think is more important to financial success?
A.  Having a budget, OR
B.  Having written plans, hopes, and dreams

The I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. survey revealed the answer! And I’m sharing it during the “I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. LADDER” live on-line event on Sunday, 8/25, at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Join hundreds and hundreds of people at this life-changing event by registering or copy & paste this link in your favorite browser:

What do YOU think is the answer? Share your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.