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15 of My Greatest Money Decisions

I’ve spent some time pondering the money decisions I’ve made since my “I Have Had Enough Moment” on December 2, 2002. Below is a list of several key moments that have helped me move into a fully funded life.

  1. Deciding to prepare a budget
  2. Contributing the maximum amount to my employer’s 401(k) (back when I was an employee)
  3. Working together with my bride to fund our dreams
  4. Diversifying my investments within the stock market
  5. Diversifying my investments beyond the stock market – land, businesses, etc.
  6. Making giving a top priority – to my church, people in need, and other causes my family chooses to support
  7. Automating my investments into a 529 college savings plan for my children
  8. Seeking wisdom from financially savvy leaders – both personally (local business leaders) and via financial teachers (Dave Ramsey, David Bach, Robert Kiyosaki, etc.)
  9. Tracking net worth on a monthly basis
  10. Building and keeping financial margin
  11. Establishing accountability for wise financial decision making
  12. Eliminating debt
  13. Starting a small business
  14. Purchasing a small business
  15. Relentless pursuit of more knowledge – living the life of a continual learner

Of course, there are many more decisions and moments that have helped me financially, but these particular have helped me tremendously.

What are the greatest money decisions you’ve made?

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