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Do You Have a Vision for Your Money?

Do you have a vision for your money?

When you receive those precious Washingtons, Lincolns, Hamiltons, Jacksons, and Franklins, do you have a clear idea for the utilization of each one of them? Or is that money dead on arrival – doomed to be sent on their way without advancing you toward your life’s plans, hopes, and dreams – your Fully Funded Life?

Without a clear vision, it is highly likely that the money will disappear with little to no progress. After all, there are so many things competing for your dollars: Housing, Utilities, Kids, Food, Student Loans, Automobiles, Insurance, Gasoline, and everything in between! When we experience financial setbacks, which will occur often, it can be easy to just give in and give up saying soothing statements like:

  • “We just can’t ever seem to get ahead financially.”
  • “We’ll never win with money.”
  • “I need to win the lottery.”

I encourage you to write down your vision for the money you’ll be receiving between now and the rest of the year. You’ve still got eight months to experience a massive shift toward your preferred financial future. One tool that has helped Jenn and I stay focused is a monthly budget. We always operate with a financial plan that looks out at least 12 months into the future (using this free annual budget template).