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Food consumes 15-20% of the average American’s household gross income. With such a large spending category, it is helpful to understand some key ways to manage these costs while still being able to purchase enough food (and hopefully even healthy ones too). In this series, I’m discussing three specific places that can save your grocery bill money. So, are you ready to save $100 – $300 every month on groceries?

#3 – CouponMom.com 

If you are not using CouponMom.com, there is a high chance that you are way overpaying for your groceries.

In our Financial Learning Experience events, I have the opportunity to share some money saving ideas.  Of course, I always wish I had ten or eleven hours to share as many of them as possible, but there is not enough time. One that I ALWAYS mention however, is CouponMom.com.

Here is how it works:

  1. Obtain Sunday newspaper coupon booklets (issued by SmartSource, RedPlum, and P&G)
  2. Mark the date issued on the coupon booklets – do NOT cut the coupons
  3. Sign up to CouponMom.com (click HERE to sign up – it is FREE!)
  4. Every week, go to CouponMom.com and pull up your store’s deals under the “Grocery Deals By State”
  5. CouponMom.com will tell you which coupon booklets to cut coupons from and how to use them to obtain an average of 50% to 85% OFF!

It sounds too good to be true, but I use this myself!  I KNOW it to be true!  For example, this week I went to Publix (grocery store near my house) and had a bill of $69.00.  I received $33.98 OFF after using my coupons.  This was not for useless junk that I will never use.  This is for cereal, pickles, ice cream, vitamins, toilet paper, paper towels, and many other products that I would purchase anyway.

Have you used this service?  If so, share your victory stories!  If not, get started and save a ton of money.

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