5 Key Decisions That Helped Us Win With Money

There have been moments in my life where I’ve made a decision knowing it would change my life forever.

Decisions like:

  • Asking my girlfriend (Jenn) if she would marry me
  • Making an offer on a house
  • Applying for a job
  • Deciding to have children
  • Buying land

However, there have been other moments where I’ve made a decision without truly realizing the future impact it was going to have on me. For example, when I made the decision to begin contributing to my company retirement plan as a new college graduate, I didn’t really grasp the incredible power this was going to have to fund my future plans, hopes, and dreams. When I started my baby girl’s college fund back when she was four years old, I had no idea how this decision would help give wings to her educational dreams.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples was the decision my bride and I made to begin preparing a monthly budget – and choosing to stick to it. We had no idea the impact this would have on our finances – and our life! This one key decision enabled us to accomplish dreams we really never thought possible. Dreams like purchasing a new car with cash, becoming debt-free except for our house, and even paying off our home mortgage!

As I was thinking about these decisions, I thought it would be great to host a live online event where I could share these decisions in more detail with you right now, at the start of 2015. I really hope you will be able to join me and my bride for this special one-of-a-kind online event (it’s FREE).

5 Key Decisions That Helped Us Win With Money – A Special Evening with Joe & Jenn Sangl” Live Online Event Details

  • DATE: Sunday, 1/11/2015 at 8:00 PM Eastern (7:00 PM Central; 5:00 PM Pacific)
  • DURATION: 60 minutes total (45 minutes teaching – 15 minutes Q&A)
  • COST: FREE! (but you MUST register to secure your spot)
  • REGISTER: Click HERE or copy and paste the following link in your favorite browser: http://iwasbrokenowimnot.com/5keydecisions

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