A Fun Way To Track Debt Pay Off

When I was focused on paying off my debts (student loans, credit cards, truck, car, furniture, our house, and my parents), it was difficult to really “see” the progress I was making. Even though I was making extra payments on my smallest debt (using the debt snowball), the bills kept on arriving each month. I wanted a way to actually see it visually – not just numbers on a page.

That’s when we created something we called our “Home Pay-Off Spectacular.” This was such a great and fun way to monitor our debt elimination progress! It allowed us to transform this “elephant”-sized debts into “bite”-sized chunks. In fact, it birthed more than 20 different “Debt Pay-Off Spectaculars” – and they are all FREE right HERE.

If you want to see exactly how to use this tool, watch this short YouTube video (4:45) and you’ll be on your way to debt freedom.

I encourage you to download your debt pay-off spectaculars right now and celebrate as you color in those squares!

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