And The Sangl’s Will Be Having A …

A BOY!   On or around February 6, the Sangl Family will be welcoming a baby boy to the family.   Everything looks tremendous, momma is feeling great, and the “nesting” is in full-force.   We spent the day today taking out all of the baby stuff that we put away nearly 10 years ago.   We have some good stuff that we can use, but I am betting the pink dresses won’t work well …

Here’s a money saving tip if you are a cash-paying customer …       The 20-week ultrasound costs around $350.   We discovered that our local college (Greenville Tech) will provide it for FREE – all you have to do is schedule it!   We were able to have our ultrasound performed by a senior and then checked by the instructor to make sure everything was done correctly – and it was all FREE.

Again – Thanks to everyone who voted on “boy” vs. “girl” – the boys led the girls in the voting 123 to 78.

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If you do not know the full story of the MIRACLE that our new son is, you should take a few minutes to read about it HERE.

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  1. Travis on October 24, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    As a founding father of the “two girls club”…
    I regret that we will not be able to offer a membership to you.

    But…. WAY TO GO!!

    Did that money saving tip on the ultrasound come from the artist formerly known as Saving Freak?


    God bless!!

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