Are You Really Ready To Win With Money?

I’ve noticed something that has happened in my life as I have transitioned from BROKE to NOT BROKE, and I can’t say I was prepared for it at all.  I’m pretty certain I was not prepared to win with money.

My bride and I have faced questions that were completely irrelevant when we were broke.  Questions like:

  • Where to invest money to obtain the best rate of return?
    • We did not know hardly anything about investing
  • What charitable organizations and causes should we give to?
    • We wanted to maximize the impact of our giving
  • Where should we put our saved money?
    • We’d never saved money before
  • Should we talk with our family and friends about how we are winning with money as the result of preparing and following a monthly budget and pursuing debt freedom?  If so, how much?
    • Believe it or not, your family or friends may not be as excited as you are about winning with money – they might refer to your genuine excitement as bragging/boasting/pride
    • Even worse – some people have a legitimate concern that their friends and family will steal money from them!

“Are you really ready to win with money?”

It’s a legitimate question that anyone pursuing financial freedom should consider.

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