August US National Debt Update

The US National Debt has increased by $125,767,125,033 since our last update in July 2011. This is the first update since lawmakers in Washington came to terms on a debt deal.

National Debt as of 8/22/2011


Now that a deal is in place for the country, what is it that you are needing to do in your personal finances regain control?  Is it a drastic cut in discretionary spending?  Do you need to make a slight adjustment in spending so you can save or give more?  It is time to take your next step!  I challenge you to write down the next big step you need to take with your personal finances, and list action steps that will allow you to take that step.

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  1. Connie on August 23, 2011 at 10:49 am

    We have had this level of debt during times of war and we paid it off by raising taxes. I am more concerned with the fate of millions of Americans like me who were down sized, can’t find a job that can support their family and are too young for Social Security and Medicare.

    We have some income coming in and paid off most of our debt during the downsizing, but still struggle with rising gas and heating costs that we couldn’t budget for. You don’t stop feeding your kids or get rid of one of them because it would make it easier to live on the amount you have, you find ways to raise income.

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