LIVE ON-LINE EVENT: Managing Finances With A College Student

I recently had the opportunity to teach parents of incoming college students about how to “manage finances with their college student.” I am honored to say that the talk was extremely well received, and the parents gave incredible feedback.

This made me think of you, the readers of this blog. Chances are pretty high that you either have a college student, will have one some day, or you know someone who has one in their household right now.

Because of this, I’ve made the decision to teach this powerful content “FREE OF CHARGE” in a LIVE ON-LINE EVENT on Thursday, August 8th, at 8:00 PM Eastern (7:00 PM Central).

If you have a college student in your life, you don’t want to miss this great opportunity. Here are just some of the subjects that will be covered:

  • Importance of budgeting
  • Credit scores
  • How to handle credit and debt
  • How to manage student loans
  • Establishing clear financial arrangements with your student
  • Plus much more!

Here are the details:

  • DATE  Thursday, August 8th
  • TIME  8:00 PM Eastern Time
  • WHERE  On-line live event
  • COST  It’s free!

Space is extremely limited, so be sure to reserve your place now by clicking the link below. Once you register, you’re spot will be reserved and the link for the live on-line event will be sent to you. You will also receive a reminder just before the event goes live.


Financial Learning Experience Heads To Lifepoint Church – Fredericksburg, VA

I am FIRED UP to be at Lifepoint Church in Fredericksburg, VA this weekend!!!

On the agenda:

  • Meet the fantastic team of people who make up the Lifepoint ministry team!
  • Train a ton of financial coaches
  • Teach during weekend services
  • Help a bunch of people gain freedom as I teach the Financial Learning Experience
  • Watch IWBNIN’s newest team member, Matt, participate in his first weekend on the road

It sounds like there are going to be HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of people at the Financial Learning Experience – but there is room for YOU – register HERE.

WORDLE: I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Book

There is a new tool I have discovered on the Interwebs called Wordle.   You can plug in a bunch of text, and Wordle will produce a word picture for it.

I took the entire text of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. and plugged it in and Wordle produced the following picture:

Awesome!   The words “Money”, “Budget”, “Debt”, “Month”, and “Insurance” all stand out to me.

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Savings Workshop – Greenville, SC – THURSDAY

Just two days left until the savings workshop takes place in Greenville.     There are still a few slots left for anyone who wants to use the coupon code HALF and register for only $5 instead of $10.   It is going to be a great time where you can learn the methods I use all the time to save money on just about anything I buy.   The Saving Freak/Grocery Freak will be leading this money saving class!

Here is what I know.   If you apply the tools taught in the Savings Workshop, you will save more than $1,000/year!   You will learn how to save money on groceries, dining out, travel, cell phone service, on-line shopping, shopping at department stores, insurance, and many more items.   It will definitely help you save on your Christmas shopping that you haven’t started yet.   To sign up just go to the registration page and make sure to use the code HALF to get half off the regular price.

LifeWay Stores Podcast

I was able to participate in a podcast about I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. a couple of weeks ago.  The podcast interview was conducted by LifeWay's Ben Stroup.  Ben is passionate about stewardship and giving, and it great to have the opportunity to talk shop.

The podcast can be heard HERE.

A reminder that the I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. Christmas Special is still available through December 18.