Mutual Fund Pick ‘Em Game

WINNER! Mutual Fund “You Pick ‘Em” Game

It was an exciting month to watch all of the mutual fund selections race each other.  Thanks to all of the competitors who participated!

In the end, Michael (from New Hampshire) held the lead the entire month and walked away with the prize pack consisting ofL:

He chose the Direxion Latin America Bull 2X Inv [DXZLX] mutual fund, and it experienced an increase of 16.6%!  That is in ONE MONTH!  Incredible.  Apparently, Michael has a special power to choose mutual funds that grow more in one month than most of mine do in one year.

Michael, your prize pack is on its way and your competitors all look up to you for your superior selection.  Nice!

Here are the final standings.

I hope everyone learned from this contest!  I would especially want each person to note the following:

  • I view mutual funds as appropriate investments for the long term (five years or longer).  Mutual funds go up and down in value over the short term, and tend to go up in value over the long term.
  • Mutual funds can go up or down in a hurry.  This is another reason that I hold my mutual funds for the long term.  I am not good enough to predict when a mutual fund will experience rapid growth or when it will cease rapid loss.  So I invest and let it ride.  This strategy has worked well for me so far!  I rebalance my portfolio once a year.
  • Did you notice the variety of mutual funds in this contest?  My hope is that each person will at least learn about the mutual funds available within one's 401(k) or similar retirement plan.

Readers:  What have you learned as a result of watching this contest unfold?  Please share your comment!

STANDINGS: Mutual Fund You Pick ‘Em Game [thru 5/23]

Here are the standings for the Mutual Fund "You Pick 'Em" Game with just one week remaining.

Michael M. has retained the lead, but took a hit over the past week and a couple of the competitors have closed the gap. 

Judy's mutual fund selection, China Bear 2X Fund, has demonstrated what investing in a true international growth fund is like.  In week one, it was #2 on the list.  In week two, it dropped all of the way to #20.  Now, it is back to #2!  This is why I define an investment as money that I will leave alone for at least five years!  I would have a heart attack if I was day-trading a fund like Judy's choice!

John X has closed the gap to hold #3 position after holding the #6 position the previous two weeks. 

It is going to be a lot of fun to watch the performance over this last week to see who wins!

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STANDINGS: Mutual Fund You Pick ‘Em Game [thru 5/16]

Here are the standings at the midway point of the exciting Mutual Fund "You Pick 'Em" Game.

Michael M. is absolutely CRUSHING the competition with the Direxion Latin America Bull 2X Inv. with a whopping 18.0% return IN JUST 16 DAYS.  This is exactly why I say that investing is for the long term.  Once can not really pinpoint when an investment is going to make huge gains, but the money needs to be there when it happens.

The biggest loss of the week is Judy who dropped all the way from #2 to dead last with the China Bear 2X Fund.  The most improved is Unnamed #1 who ventured from dead last to vault seven other competitors.

Overall, the returns indicate an overall market that is growing nicely.  I must say that it has been much more pleasing to view the Sangl Family mutual fund account balances in recent weeks!

I really believe that it is important for folks to have exposure to the wide variety of mutual funds that are available.  I hope that this contest is helping you learn more about the mutual fund markets and investing in general.

Has there been a particular mutual fund or funds that has caught your attention?

So, there are NINE more trading days.  Will Michael M. hold his lead or will Andy C. erase the lead and win the huge Mutual Fund "You Pick 'Em" Game Prize? 

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STANDINGS: Mutual Fund You Pick ‘Em Game

Here are the latest standings for the Mutual Fund "You Pick 'Em" Game.  Michael M. is absolutely slaughtering the competition twelve days into the contest.  It is interesting to note that every single person who entered the contest has had a positive gain – except one – our unnamed contestant.  This means that the overall markets have been doing really well over the past twelve days.

One reason I am holding this contest is to expose folks to the variety of mutual funds that are available.  We have a lot of different types of funds – international, precious metals, index, treasury, and domestic growth funds.  Pick a couple that you do not know much about and plug them into the quote page at (HERE) to learn more about them.

Another reason I am holding this contest is to highlight the fact that mutual fund investments should be for the LONG TERM (5 years or longer).  Why?  Because mutual funds go up and down, many times very swiftly.  By holding LONG TERM, you will be able to realize the gains when they happen quickly.  Not too many people are great at accurately day-trading.  I know that I am not!  If I would have jumped out of this crappy market, I would have missed the great improvement that the markets have shown recently! 

So, we have 13 more trading days before the contest ends.  Will the market keep going up?  Will Michael M. hold his lead? Or will John X. creep up into the standings?

By the way, NO!, I am NOT the unnamed contestant!

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