How Interest Rates Work

I’m sure you have seen interest rates on a variety of different credit cards, car loans, student loans or other lines of credit. But what do these numbers mean? An interest rate is simply what you are being charged on a loan. For example, if you take out a $25,000 car loan at 5% interest, you will not only owe the original $25,000, but you will also owe an additional $1,250 in interest over the life of the loan.

Alternatively, interest can work in your favor and tell you how much you will be paid on your money. Different savings accounts, CD’s and investment vehicles tell you exactly how much interest you will be paid by putting your money in that specific account.

If you are looking to find out how you can get interest working in your favor, check out the list of online banks and investment vehicles that we recommend HERE on our website.


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There was a point in my life where I came to the realization that I needed to find oxen in my life and start getting my money to work for me. From an average bank balance of $4.13, I have since acquired multiple oxen and experienced a truly abundant harvest. In my book, Oxen, I share these principles along with step-by-step instructions so that you too can win with your money. Check out this excerpt from my book and make sure you grab a copy for yourself.

“Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest.” Proverbs 14:4

Imagine a farmer who was responsible for farming a full section of 640 acres, which is one square mile of land. Imagine if he decided to “do it all on his own” and attempt to plow all the ground without oxen. It doesn’t matter how strong and energetic the farmer is, it would be an impossible task. For me, just hoeing a small garden in my backyard wears me out! The farmer might be able to do enough work to produce food for the family to eat, but the potential for an abundant harvest would be impossible.

Don’t miss the point here because it is vital to understanding oxen ownership. A farmer knows it is impossible to reap an abundant harvest without oxen. The same is true for all of us even if we aren’t farmers.

If I continued managing my money without the help of financial oxen, the opportunity for an abundant harvest would be greatly limited. After all, there was only so much I could accomplish on my own. Like most people, I was working a “Work, get paid. Don’t work, don’t get paid.” job. Even if I worked twelve hours every day, there was a limit to how much I could earn on my own. My earnings would allow me to feed my family, but without a serious change to the way we managed our money, the income would probably only be enough to maintain our household. We would continue to be stuck in the “empty manger” cycle cleaning out the manger each month and then standing around waiting for the next paycheck to arrive. The worst realization of all was knowing that even if I worked the next fifty years of my life, my income would cease the moment I chose to retire. It became imminently clear that I needed oxen in order for my family to experience abundance.


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MONDAY MONEY TIP PODCAST: Making a Good Investment

The Monday Money Tip Podcast is back! Investing can be such a complicated venture so this week, Joe is sharing how he determines if an investment is a good deal or not. For those who are new to investing, Joe has some helpful mobile apps that you can download to learn more of the basics of investing. In addition, Megan shares a success story from someone who went from hopeless on her money journey to hopeful.

It’s our goal at the end of each episode that you gain hope and encouragement in your financial journey, you’re equipped to take a next step, and that you’ve had FUN with us!

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Show Notes

About the Episode:

  • Hear Joe answer the question, “What things do you look at when investing to determine if it looks like a good deal or not?” He explains his process in looking at things such as the companies profitability and price to earnings ratio.
  • Get some important information about mortgage rates and bank savings rates.
  • Megan shares a success story about a person that found hope in their money journey.
  • Joe shares some helpful tools that you can use if you are new to investing and want to learn more before diving in head first.

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“There is no harvest if you do not invest.” – Joe Sangl

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The Basics of Oxen

Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest. Proverbs 14:4

This verse had a profound impact on me as I went through my financial freedom journey. From this verse, I realized that I could either live a life with an empty manger or with an abundant harvest and the choice was up to me. In the pursuit of financial abundance, I could choose to rely on myself and my own abilities, or I could acquire oxen to help me. Which do you think I chose?

In my book, Oxen, I have outlined the different types of oxen, how to acquire oxen and how to lead oxen. These principles will help you maximize your financial resources and experience an abundant harvest, just as I did, so that you can fund your biggest and wildest dreams.

Most people earn money by showing up to work and in turn they get paid. If you do not show up to work, you do not get paid. Oxen can allow you to earn money whether you are working or not! There is only so much time in a day and therefore there is only so much work that one person can physically put in. This is why oxen are so important: they allow you to eliminate the time barrier.

Oxen can do things you cannot do. They have the ability to carry a load that you cannot carry and can endure more than you can endure. Oxen can be trained and can work together and accomplish even more. They work rain or shine, night and day so that you do not have to. They can multiply and take you places you may have only dreamed about. Oxen can provide.


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Put Your Oxen to Work – Part 4

Proverbs 14:4 – Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest.

PART FOUR – Put your oxen to work!

This is the fun part!  As you put your oxen to work and provide adequate nourishment and attention, they will begin to work for you in ways you never thought possible.  Your 401(k) will grow without the need for any energy expenditure from you.  The rental house will produce income and increase in value even when you are on vacation.  The book that you’ve been wanting to write will be purchased by people from across the globe – even while you sleep.  The website will sell products without your direct involvement.  The team of people at your business will work to serve customers whether you are there or not.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your oxen will work perfectly with zero involvement from you.  The last I checked, oxen will still wander off if you don’t provide them some direction and leadership.  Be sure to establish a system that allows you to always know the numbers and enables you to measure the health of your herd.

As your oxen work for you, they will truly provide an abundant harvest which will allow you to bless your family and those in need in ways you never thought possible.

TRUTH: Oxen acquisition can allow you to enjoy an abundant harvest.

ACTION:  Will you share with me one way you’re putting your oxen to work?