Monday Money Tip

Monday Money Tip: The Fundamental Rule of Money

I’m excited to bring you another Monday Money Tip – this one is focused on The Fundamental Rule of Money

Questions to challenge yourself with:

  1. Are you managing your money using the Income – Outgo = Exactly Zero formula?
  2. Are you intentionally spending money into savings and investments – every time you receive money?

Monday Money Tip: MINT App

In today’s Monday Money Tip, I share about one of my favorite money apps – Mint

It can be a great way for you to gain a better understanding of your financial behavior and the resulting performance of your financial decisions.

Take a couple of minutes to watch the tip (4 mins 39 secs):


  • Have you tried out the Mint app?
  • How are you planning to use it to improve your financial results?

Monday Money Tip: No Means YES

In today’s Monday Money Tip, I’m sharing about the financial truth that saying “no” right now can allow you to say “yes” to more important things later.

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