Financial Freedom Experience NOW OPEN


  • Being able to dream again – and make those dreams become reality
  • Paying ALL of your bills on-time and still have money left over!
  • Positioning yourself to pay cash for your child(ren)’s college
  • Making the decision to become a stay at home parent
  • Having a home – without a mortgage
  • Being able to work your dream job – even if it paid less money

The Financial Freedom Experience can help you accomplish EVERYTHING on this list.
The Financial Freedom Experience is an online course geared to help you take your next step with your finances. Registration for this course is NOW OPEN but only for a limited time!  Whether you need help with a budget and are living paycheck-to-paycheck or you’re looking to invest for the future – this course has something for everyone! This online course contains 10 life changing video coaching sessions delivered online and on-demand at your pace!


  1. 10 Experiences: These lessons are quick and to the point. All practical and immediately able to be applied. On-Demand.
  2. Downloadable audio lessons: All lessons are downloadable as mp3 files so you can learn “on-the-go” and “off-line”.
  3. Bonus Lessons: These additional lessons are for specific situations such as “Kids & Money” and “How to Manage Money with a Non-Participative Spouse
  4. Dedicated Help: A dedicated email address providing direct access to me and our team for your questions.
  5. Private Facebook Forum: You will be given the opportunity to join a private Facebook Forum where you can celebrate accomplishments together and gain encouragement from a community of people who are climbing the IWBNIN Ladder to live a fully funded life.
  6. Payment Options: There are two payment options – one-time and monthly

One-Time Payment: $197 (best value)
Monthly Payment: $47/month for five months

Trust me! This course has something for everyone and it will take your finances to the NEXT LEVEL! Space is limited and registration closes January 31st, so make sure you register NOW.

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