IHHE RANT: What Difference Does It Make Now?

I routinely meet people who are so broke that they cannot see the forest because of the trees.

They can sit through an entire two-hour Financial Learning Experience where I teach the power of having a written plan for life and a written plan for their money.   I have taught the enormous power of attacking debt with the Debt Freedom Date Calculation and using the debt snowball to eliminate it.

After all of this, I still encounter people who say, “This can never work for me.   I’m beyond help.   What difference does it make now?”   Then they offer their reason (excuse) for why they can’t win with their money:

  • “I’m too old.”
  • “I’m too deep in debt.”
  • “I have no income.”
  • “I have too little income.”
  • “My spouse won’t participate.”
  • “I am stupid with money.”
  • “My parents didn’t teach me about money.”
  • “There’s no hope for me.”

Are you kidding me?   “What difference does it make now?”   Let me count some ways …

  • You’ll prove to yourself that you COULD do this!
  • You won’t have to eat Alpo during retirement!
  • You can help your children go to college and graduate debt-free!
  • You can use your past mistakes (and successes) to teach your children and grandchildren how to win with their money!
  • You won’t have to say, “Hi.   Welcome to Wal-Mart.” when you are 83 years young (unless you CHOOSE to)
  • You will develop a positive outlook on life – which leads to a longer, better, and more productive life
  • You will be able to leave an inheritance for your children and causes you really care about
  • You can position others to win with their money by leading the way!
  • Your ACTIONS will speak and teach way louder than any words you ever use.

What you do starting TODAY can make a major difference tomorrow!

QUESTION: What is ONE THING you can do today to make a difference tomorrow?

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  1. Ginny on April 27, 2011 at 8:46 am

    May I make a suggestion? I know what it is like to be so overwhelmed with debt that it all seems impossible to overcome (especially when the debt is huge and the change will be huge). A big task for someone who is already overwhelmed may literally make them feel even more exhausted just to think about it. I would suggest helping them put it into baby steps. Can they commit to saving $5 a week? A month? Let’s start there to build their wall.

    I guess I just know how it feels when large things hit. For instance, right now I am working to get my son into a special school. When this first hit, I was so overwhelmed that I did not know where to begin. There were many applications to be completed, people to talk to, appointments with therapists and for testing, we needed referrals from the doctor and no clear cut direction of where all this was going to lead. I literally felt like going to sleep just from thinking about it. I think that is how many of these people feel at that point. I started cutting it all into baby steps. But once I decided on one application to concentrate on and temporarily put the other things aside, I could actually move somewhere and get something done to benefit him.

    I really think this is where a lot of people are when they come up with these excuses. So, like you teach a child who has never been taught these things before, you get on their level and start with small steps instead of showing them the big picture all at once. The big picture can be intimidating and causes people to give up before giving it a try.

    I haven’t been to one of your seminars, so you may be doing this already. If you are, some people may need even smaller steps.

  2. Ben Branam on April 29, 2011 at 8:14 am

    Worst excuse ever; a lady told me that a budget wouldn’t work for her because after she put in her car payments there was nothing left. She refused to listen to anything or anyone else and just said a budget would never work for her. I’m just waiting for her IHHE moment and then ask the church for money. Hopefully we can help then.

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