Joseph Sangl’s Current Investments – March 2013 Update

Anyone who has attended a Financial Learning Experience has heard me say that it is important to INVEST money and to do so every single time you are paid money. At the end of our live events, I am regularly asked or emailed the following question:

“What investments do you recommend?”

My answer is always, “I don’t recommend specific investments. I can only tell you the investments I own, and they have worked well for me. The investments you choose are up to you.”

Occasionally, I update everyone on the investments I currently hold. Below is a chart of the current investments we hold. If it is publicly-traded, I have included the ticker symbol. Click on the chart itself (or HERE) to see a larger version.

We have finally seen the market improvement that many people expected. With companies declaring record profits and sitting on record amounts of cash, I’m seeing that they are finally beginning to invest again. That should bode well for investors and the economy at large. At this moment, I will continue to purchase individual stocks as well as research private investments – particularly small businesses (my favorite!).

Here’s the pie chart showing the investment distribution:

My thoughts:

  1. The stock market has been hot, but nothing is ever hot enough for me to put all my eggs into one basket. I greatly prefer diversification beyond the open markets.
  2. A lot of day traders think they are incredible geniuses right now. That’s not because they are all awesome – it’s because it is hard to lose in this type of market! As enticing as day trading may seem, it feels a lot like gambling. I prefer being a “slow & steady” and “stay the course” investor.
  3. Tracking net worth on a monthly basis has made me a “first-hand witness” to the incredible momentum of my investments. Without consistently tracking net worth, I’m pretty sure I would have missed it!

Your thoughts?

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  1. james kelly on March 15, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    The stock market mostly is now completely dependent upon the Federal Government to juice the equities with their Bond buying
    program. Also big institutions investing their pensions. This is not even partly a little guy stock rally at the moment. If you got involved in the last 5 years you could be in great shape. If you have been invested for the last 20 you have barely broke even. My money in this present condition would be in re-habbing broken down small business’s and residential real estate with an idea to hold for long term rentals. I do like the idea of a divident stream from utility stocks however, but the idea of buy and hold with even the best of stocks is tenuous at best. The best you can get with that is what you originally put in, and that is even risky. This last 20 years has schooled a lot of people and the ones that are to young to remember I hope you don’t lose your shirt.

  2. Sean Sekora on March 25, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    What resources do you use when researching small businesses to invest in?

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