Make Your Retirement Savings a TOP Priority

Do you feel like retirement is so far away you cannot even imagine it? Or do you feel like retirement is so close that you can taste it? Either way, you should be making your retirement savings a TOP priority today!

Statistics show that many people do not start saving until they are only 10 to 15 years away from retirement! If you choose to wait on starting your retirement savings, you are missing out on something that can actually carry your financial burden called compound interest. Compound interest can take your $100/month investment to $1,176,477 in 40 years. The earlier you start and the more consistent you are, the better off you’ll be when you get ready to retire.

If you are not actively contributing to accounts dedicated to retirement, I would highly encourage you to start doing so immediately! I have never ever heard someone say “Wow I wish I had waited to start saving for retirement” or “Joe I am retired and I just have too much money”. You will never be able to go back and retroactively start your retirement accounts. But what you can do, is make sure that you do not waste another minute and you start investing today.


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